Five Ways To Recharge This Autumn

Five Ways To Recharge This Autumn

The Autumn months are a perfect time to recharge. Summers are usually jampacked with weekend trips, bbq’s, parties, weddings, and reunions, and just generally squeezing in as much as you can before the colder weather begins to settle in.

The change of season always makes us feel inspired and motivated and so think of this post as your autumn to-do-list to make the most of the season.

Make sure your plants are cared for.

Before you relax and recharge, make sure your plants are prepped for the colder months ahead.

First up, has your plant outgrown its pot? Are the plant roots coiling around the bottom, or even growing through drainage holes or the top of the soil? If so, it’s time your plant met a new larger home.

Next, it’s time to clean them up. Trim any yellow or browning leaves with clean secateurs. Give your plants a good shower with a gentle spray or the leaves a thorough wipe. This will clean off any collected dust, salts and bugs and will have your plant looking its absolute best. After their shower, take advantage of the damp soil and feed them with a small amount of an all-purpose liquid fertiliser.

Lastly, as the season changes, so too does the way sunlight enters your home. Take note of the direction and the duration of light your plant enjoys and move according to their preferences. Care may be required to move the plants slowly as to not upset them. Rearranging your plant’s location is also a great way to switch up any stale energy in your space!

Do something creative.

During our everyday lives, things can feel non-stop. This time of the year can have us feeling inspired and motivated and with many of us spending more time at home, why not put that energy towards some creative projects. This is your moment to revisit old hobbies or create new ones – cooking, craft, painting, writing, or drawing.

Aisha Richardson, the brains behind Love & Paper NY, designs plant-inspired paper goods and trinkets. Why not download one of her free plant illustrations (like the one pictured) or purchase her full plant colouring book inspired by plant parents she has connected with over the years.

Schedule a ‘me day’ and treat yourself.

This can mean different things to different people but plan a day full of activities that you find relaxing and rejuvenating. Maybe that means going for a hike, hitting your nearest spa, or curling up and getting cosy under a doona with a drink by your side and a book full of adventures.

Tackle something off your to-do list.

It’s so easy to continue to shift to-do items to tomorrow, next week, or even next month. If you’re anything like me, those items can start to build up, almost to the point of anxiety. Try picking just one of those things and checking it off your list which can be an oh so satisfying feeling.

Go somewhere that makes your problems feel small.

Nature is a great way to escape and reset. Head out and explore a new or old favourite location; somewhere than inspires awe in you and is a reminder of just how amazing this world really is. Whether that’s the beaches, hills, desert or forest, there is no shortage of locations to checkout.

Autumn is also the perfect season to do so as the leaves turn from lush greens to rusty shades of red and gold and the woods become a magical place, particularly on crisp morning walks with the pooch. That and an increase of rain, usually means wonders for the local waterfalls.

So there it is fam, five quick ways to recharge both yourself and your plants this autumn.

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