Suggested Plants Based On Your Brew
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Suggested Plants Based On Your Brew

A person’s brew of coffee can say a lot about them, whether it’s low maintenance picks for the busy person on the go or those that like it a little more complicated with a little more depth. Funnily enough, the same can be said of plant choices.

Cold Brew + Snake Plants

Cold brew is a no-nonsense coffee resulting in a cool, dark, intense, and often bitter drink. Unlike its hot brewed brethren, once you make it, you can set it in the fridge and forget about it for a week(s). Just like cold brew, Snake Plants are known for their ability to thrive in dark environments and are difficult to kill, needing little attention or maintenance. No-fuss type? the Sansevieria is for you.


Chemex + Calathea Medallion

Chemex coffee is the champion of pour over brewing. The iconic design of the prestigious glass coffee maker is unmistakable, demanding only the best coffee beans be used and a steady careful pour for the perfect cup of coffee. The Calathea Medallion is arguably one of nature’s most beautiful creations. It’s large medallion-like leaves flourish into a bouquet of distinctive colourful foliage. Though popular, the plant thrives in a perfect balance of medium to bright indirect sunlight and requires a bit of extra patience and TLC to keep the leaves perky and shining.


French Press + Haworthia Zebra

French Press coffee is a rich full-bodied brew that is all about robust flavours and strength. It’s elegant yet requires minimal effort – few steps, few items, and a few minutes to brew. Introducing Haworthia Zebras, a delicate looking succulent that don’t require much fuss or care and can even go weeks without water. The zebra-like appearance also looks brilliant in an unusual container or interesting soil/pebble mixes. The Haworthia varieties are small but strong so are also a perfect choice for us espresso drinkers.


Air Plants

AeroPress + Air Plants

Are you familiar with the Aeropress? It’s one of the most distinctive brewers on the market, looking like a giant coffee syringe. One of the great things about this brew is how flexible it is. There is a vast range of grind size, contact times, agitation levels, and water temperatures you can use. Moreover, its super convenient, is portable, and is great if you have space, cost or effort constraints. Just like an AeroPress, an Air Plant won’t break the bank, comes in hundreds of different species, and requires little space.

ZZ Plant

Coffee Maker + ZZ Plant

Next, we have your everyday common pot of joe – one that comes straight from your coffee maker. This tried-and-tested and easy (almost foolproof) method of brewing lends itself to the beloved ZZ Plant. One of the most resilient plants around, ZZ plants require very little from their plant parents.


Fiddle leaf fig

Turkish Coffee + Fiddle Leaf Fig

Last but not least is Turkish Coffee. Originating in the middle east, the old-world brewing method involves slowly bringing coffee, water and often sugar to a foam, just below boiling point. Also requiring a bit of patience is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Known for being a bit tricky to care for, the end result (when done properly) is worth every moment.


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