Say hello to Willow Grow!

Say hello to Willow Grow!

You know the drill when it comes to the Willow app: you ask, we build it. Willow Grow is an optional add-on to your app experience, packed with features a-planty to level up your plant care. Some features need our hardware (aka our Sensors and Hubs) and others don’t, so there’s something for everyone!

Plant Doctor

Leaf drop? Yellowing leaves? Your plant just not looking quite right? Just like us mere mortals, plants can get sick and need extra TLC to get back to their happy and healthy best. You can now get a helping hand from our resident Plant Doctor Brocc to diagnose and treat your plant’s ailments. No hardware needed!

Whether your plants are in dire need of a revival, are plagued by pests (known or unknown) or diseases, or you have general questions about plant care, Brocc can help. Head to Plant Doctor in the app, send your query via the form, and get answers in an in-app chat to walk through the issue and treatment advice. Plant dramas, begone!

Disease Identification

Like our savvy Plant Scanner, scan your plant to Identify potential pests and diseases in one swift click. Get to know if its scale, mealy bugs, spider mites or some other pesky problem, and find out what to do next.

Plant Identification

5 scans per month is great but with Willow Grow, your Plant Identification becomes unlimited. Yep, take all the snaps your heart desires.

Plant Matchmaker

Keen for a houseplant but not sure which one’s the right fit for you? Take our quiz and find the one that’s just your type. Your answers filter through our database to find the plants that are best suited to you, including your experience and level of commitment.

Now for those Willower's with hardware, you're in for an extra treat.

Plant Data

The type of data we can all get behind: plant data! Get to know your plant even better with the ability to track your Sensor readings and Plant Score daily, weekly and monthly. Simply choose the individual measure from the drop-down list at the bottom and the time period across the top.

Best For You

Wondering what plant would work best for the spaces in your home? Willow has the answers. For our Willower's with Sensors, Best For You automatically recommends a plant every month that suits your environment based on your Sensor’s data

Visit the Willow Plans section from the app to find out more and opt in to Willow Grow.

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