Seven Trends for 2021

Seven Trends for 2021

New year, new plants. We’re rounding up our predictions for the biggest plant trends you can expect for the new year.

Green(er) Workplaces

There’s no denying COVID-19 fundamentally changed our lives, likely forever. Working-from-home, flexile arrangement and hybrid working models are the new norm. Indeed, 60% of Australians want to split their working time between the office and home for the long-term. For many of us, this has meant big changes for our home as it’s now the centrepiece for the way we live, learn, work and play.

So, as the addition of standing desks and ergonomic chairs roll on in 2021 so too, do we expect to see the increased utilisation of desk space, shelving, and hanging planters to add some lush greenery. No to mention, the addition of plants offer the perfect stage for those zoom or MS teams meetings, classes or video calls. Hint: office nooks, studies and the like can be lacking natural light so make sure you choose appropriate low-light plants.

Growing Your Own

When the pandemic first hit, food scarcity was thrown to the fore with empty shelves across supermarkets and people hoarding (some even, began stock-piling herbs). To find some sense of certainty and normality, many instead turned to growing their own; some for the first time. Beyond enjoying the fruits of the labour, growing herbs and edible plants also provided a sense of fulfilment and became a new hobby.

We see the alure of edible plants continuing to grow in popularity as people spend more time in at home. Start with the easier crowd favourites such as basil and oregano, which can grow in a kitchen windowsill or indoor grower boxes. Before exploring trickier ones or even exploring native Australian edibles.

Trailing Plants And Tiny Plants

While floor plants saw a huge moment last year, we think 2021 will bring a bigger desire to use more vertical space (hello, trailing plants!) and add more love to the tiny spaces at home – bookshelves, windowsills, and nightstands.

Might we suggest the likes of the Philodendron Green and Silver Satin which are perfect to add to your DIY or store-bought hanging macramé plant hanger. For those seeking the tiny and the small, bring on the mini money tree, petit terrarium and air plants, and string-of-pearls or happy bean plants.

Splash of Colour

While we love our solid-colored green plants, we see patterns and colour coming big in 2021.

Ficus Tineke are bright, bold plants to add something fresh to your home. The more exotic plants like the philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ will be in high demand, along with the dubbed ‘gorgeous but difficult’ – calatheas and Chinese evergreen ‘Pink Valentine’. Pink is alive and well but for a gothic look, or those looking to add purple-black hues, look no further than the rare Raven ZZ Plan or Calathea Dottie.

Plants as Therapy

“Plants make people happy, and more people than ever are realizing that caring for them is bringing them joy”.

Humans have an innate need to nurture something and as the pandemic continued and people stayed home, many Australians turned to their plants for reassurance. Plants need care and attention, and this is a relatively low maintenance way to scratch the itch for many people.

There’s some magical about noticing your plant has a new leaf or has started fruiting for the first time. It’s very fulfilling! Plus, it’s been proven that interacting with houseplants may actually lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, and promote a general feeling of wellbeing.

Don’t you feel more relaxed just by looking at this?

Pet Friendly Plants

In 2020, we saw a surge in people adopting pets and so in 2021. But did you know common houseplants like the Bird of Paradise and trailing Pothos or decorative botanicals like eucalyptus and lilies can pose safety risks for pets including digestive issues, irritation, vomiting and much worse if consumed.

While you can move houseplants out of reach when pet-proofing your space, you can also invest in pet-friendly plants and have them on full display in your home without worrying about an unexpected trip to the vet. Some top picks include the Money Tree, Bamboo Palm, Peperomia (Green, Ruby Glow, or Happy Beans), Neon Prayer Plant, Kimberly Queen Fern or the Parlor Palm


Lasty, plant propagation could be big this year as many first-time plant parents begin to perfect and hone their newly found horticultural skills. Plant owners will begin to understand their home environments better with what’s working and not working. Social media has also provided a platform for plant lovers to inspire each other, share tips, arrange meetups and trade and share cuttings.

For tips, check out our propagation 101 article.

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