What’s new in the app, May edition

What’s new in the app, May edition

It's a short but no less sweet update this month.

Fertiliser Schedule

We’re excited to introduce Willow’s brand spanking new Fertiliser Schedule. We’ve done the hard yards for you: with the new update, the schedule auto-populates with the plants already in your Willow app and recommends when to fertilise them next. 

Northern hemisphere Willowers going into summer – this is your time to shine. Your fertiliser schedule will recommend you boost your plant’s growth power now. For our Southern hemisphere gang going into winter, you can start to take a breather and ease the frequency. Come September, when we emerge from the colder months of the dormant season and into the sunnier days of the growing season, the schedule will increase. 

willow app with fertiliser schedule

Fertiliser is completely optional and, in most cases, won’t make or break your plant’s survival. If you have big growth goals though, this is the game changer. We know fertiliser can be slightly intimidating to navigate if you’re a black and/or beginner thumb, so we’ve built the schedule to guide you through it. For our green thumbed members, this is yet another handy tool by Willow to alert you when an action is needed. 

Virtual Tour

We know our app is chock full of fun features and we don’t want you to miss a thing. Whether you're just getting started with the app or you've been using it for a while, our virtual tour will make sure you don't miss out on Willow’s must-have features. 

Like a personal guide to show you around but without the small talk, the tour will walk you through different sections and functionalities to help you level up your indoor plant care game. We recommend checking it out even if you’re a Willow OG – there might be some hidden app gems you didn’t know we had. 

Have your say

We say it a lot, and we’ll say it again – when it comes to the app, you ask and we build it. If you have any features or things you’d like to see, we’re all ears. Submit your request through the form in the app or drop us a line


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