Willow to the Rescue

How can Willow help? Glad you asked!

  • Never over or under water

    Monitors your soil moisture and notifies you when it’s time to quench your plant’s thirst

  • Ensure energy to grow

    Tracks your plant’s light intensity and tells you if it’s getting enough or too much vitamin D

  • Find the perfect conditions

    Helps you find the perfect mix of temperature and humidity, so your plant stays comfy

Meet Willow

Say hello to the devices to end your plant-killing streak


    Lives in your plant potMeasures the hard-to-gauge bits – soil moisture, light, temperature and humidity – that make or break a plant

  • Willow Hub and Willow Sensors


    Lives in your home

    Your plant collection’s HQ uploads plant data from the Sensor to the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere


    Tells you what to do

    Analyses your plant data and notifies you exactly what your plants need. It's also packed with extras to have your plants thriving

Let's Grow

Give your plants a voice with Willow

How Willow Works

The setup process is simple

  • Pair your Sensor and Hub with the Willow app for iOS and Android

  • Pick a plant that needs a little love and insert the Sensor into the soil

  • In the app, select your plant type or use our smart scanner to auto-identify it

  • Name your plant and you’re good to grow! When it’s time for action, you’ll be notified

Plant care in your back pocket

The Willow App isn't just another source of rings and dings. Yes, it notifies you when you need to take action to keep your plants healthy and thriving. But it also contains a heap of smarty-pants info so that you can justify that Philodendron you have been eyeing off

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What our Plant Fam has to say

Absolutely love this product. It's so hard to know how much water is too much and when you have over 40 plants with all different needs, it's a lot. So, thank you for creating this product, I can't wait to show all my fellow plant lovers!!
I love plants, but don't know how to take care of them. I've even managed to kill bamboo...
I've been looking at sensor systems for awhile - a system with multiple sensors, an app, and some cool data features. You had me at all that, and then also the ability to tailor the sensor to the plant - I LOVE IT!
I’m absolutely loving the Sensors and Hub so far, and the packaging and set up process blew away my expectations!
The Willow devices are awesome, I think I’ll need to get more!

You’ve got questions? We’ve got plantswers

How do I set up my Sensor?
Where should I place my plant?
How much water does my plant need?

Our Frequently Asked Questions will help you get growing.

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